The Poetry Books by Ananya Chatterjee

The Poetry Books by Ananya Chatterjee

Welcome to my collection of poetry. My first book, ‘Poet and His Valentine (2014),’ explores the themes of nature and the human connection to it. ‘Another Soliloquy (2014)‘ delves into the complexities of the human experience, delving into love, loss, and self-discovery. In ‘The Blind Man’s Rainbow (2015),’ I delve into the world of imagination and the power of the mind. ‘Un-building Walls (2019)’ is a tapestry of feelings, woven together to create a harmonious whole. And my most recent book, ‘Alor Sandhane (2022),’ is a reflection on the passage of time and the fleeting nature of life.

Poet and His Valentine

The Poet And His Valentine is my first poetry collection and hence remains very special to this day. The idea of getting my works published germinated following a catastrophic paragliding accident that brought me face to face with death. As I recovered from the shock of surviving, I started evaluating my journey. I realized I wanted more from life. I wanted my expressions and words to reach a larger audience. This is how the book materialized. The prevailing mood in this collection is one of optimism, often against the tide of events. The poems of love found, love lost and love sought are interspersed with pieces of observation on life, art, social injustice, and environment. The book is from my nascent years in the field of poetry. I was still discovering my style. Yet it remains special which I guess is the privilege of the first-born.

Another Soliloquy

This was a collection of poetry by me and my fellow-poet Shruti Goswami. The poems here are witty, thought-provoking, and a curious mix of different shades of life. The book was released in the same year as my first book and gave me more confidence to continue writing and experimenting with various poetic devices.

The Blind Man’s Rainbow

My third poetry collection and what I consider more mature in content and style. The book consists of five different sections “Of Love And Longing” , “Of Dreams, Fantasies and Nightmares”, “Of Poetry- Lost and Found” , “Of Nature – Sunshine and Rains” and “Of Life- Faith and Regrets” . As the sections indicate, the collection is diverse but insightful. A cocktail of emotions and journeys both physical and mental.

Un-building Walls

My fourth poetry collection. The book is very special to me as this contains poetry written when I was going through a dark phase of my life. Yet the poems have shades of optimism and hope in them. Un-Building Walls is a collection of poems that talk of the ailments humanity is suffering from. The verses talk of how violence is born in the heart of the most forgiving person, and how we as a race are gradually distancing ourselves from nature and thereby drifting towards listlessness. There are poems on everyday scenarios where the poet finds something extraordinary embedded in the ordinary weave of life. As the title suggests, the aim is to deconstruct everything that divides- be it any kind of division- gender- based, ethnicity-based, religion-based. It is time to look back, retrospect and unlearn the language of contempt.

Alor Sandhane

This book remains a personal favorite. My fifth collection of poems and my first poetry collection in Bangla, my mother tongue. I haven’t written as extensively in my native tongue , as in English, but over the years there had been a considerable number of Bengali poems which I wanted to collate into a book. Late Author Buddhadeb Guha had once requested me to publish my Bengali works. On the day of his demise, I made up my mind to honour the promise I had made to him and get my Bengali poems published. The book was launched at the International Kolkata Book Fair, 2022 and was well-received.